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Curriculum addresses all developmental areas in a whole-child approach.

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Thinking about Thanksgiving

I find it's easy for humans to ignore social issues when we don't come face to face with them. Maybe we hear snippets of things about this or that, but because we don't see it in daily life, we are not too concerned. Honestly, that's how I felt about racism until the shocking day I witnessed it first hand. The family photo you see (from last Thanksgiving), represents another moment in time that altered my awareness - the day (or days, rather) that my nephews and niece became part of our family. I never thought very critically about the story of Thanksgiving until I realized these precious Native American children are (and will be) hearing this story in classrooms throughout their upbringing. Classrooms are predominantly white, where the story of Thanksgiving we all learned growing up, and often continue to teach, is typically presented from a white worldview that isn't entirely accurate. 

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Hablas Espanol?

I have had the wonderful opportunity to teach your children Spanish while Senora Paniagua is on maternity leave! In the classroom, I use various methods of engagement through play, songs, games and books. We have been focusing on greetings, parts of our body, colors and numbers. If you would like to reinforce your child’s Spanish language development, read more for suggestions!

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When our former student, Bennett Williams, enrolled in the Day School, his mom, Kirsa, came to the office to speak to us about Bennett's health. When Bennett was one year old, he was diagnosed with acute lymphocytic leukemia. The brave 3-year-old Bennett joined our PreK3 class while still undergoing chemotherapy. He was in remission after three years of treatment, from 2014 until last month, when his family received the devastating news that Bennett has another form of blood cancer MDS/AML.

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