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Curriculum addresses all developmental areas in a whole-child approach.

HPPDS specializes in early childhood education.

Students learn special subjects from experts in those fields.

School News & Events

In Honor of MLK, Jr.

As humans, we’ve made belonging more complicated than God ever intended. With Jesus, we all belong, all the time. And if we continually seek to allow Jesus to be the driving force in our lives, when it comes to who should be allowed in our circles, we only have one rule: love one another. In honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., today let us remember the justice that love demands.

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The Role of Art in Early Childhood

What happened to all the crafts? For a long time, paper-plate cut outs and googly eyes ruled the preschool classroom, and in many places, still do. The Day School strives to balance the more crafty, product-centered art with lots of meaningful process-art experiences for our little learners. We are passionate about the value it adds to their school experience. Read more for a full explanation!

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Beautiful Oops!

Our full-day PreK4 and Kindergarten students have been creating beautiful works of art while learning important life lessons. Read more to hear from our wonderful art teacher, Mrs. Cummins, about what "beautiful oops" means in her classroom!

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