School News

Best Preschool 2018!

Thank you for voting HPPDS best preschool in Park Cities People for the second year in a row! It is an honor and a pleasure to serve this community. There are many things that make HPPDS special, and the fellowship and community of our families is certainly one of them...

Transform at HP Pres

As you may have heard, Highland Park Presbyterian Church has launched Transform, a campaign and renovation plan which aims to make major updates to the campus in accordance with the church's mission. Transform is an exciting undertaking that will result in a brand new Hunt Building, an underground parking garage, and completely refreshed spaces for the Alexander building (where HPPDS is located). I am thrilled to be a part of the discussion on how this will impact HPPDS.

Intergenerational Friendships

"So, do any of you have grandchildren," asked Kindergarten student, Ford, as he sat down to do an art project with residents at Juliette Fowler Communities. During our Shepherds field trip today, multiple employees approached me to share how impressed they were with our students. "You must have prepped them well," one woman told me. I thought about that. The preparation our students have had is what they've been learning in their Shepherds class with Mrs. Bell - how to be the hands and feet of Jesus. Their Shepherd verse ends in "Love your neighbor as yourself," and today they impressed us all as they put this into action. Whether hesitant and quiet or outgoing and conversational, we are proud of our Shepherds for the kindness they demonstrated to the senior residents at Juliette Fowler.

If, like me, you have a heavy heart tonight after hearing the news of another brutal tragedy, I hope the start of this Lenten season brings you comfort and reminds you that this broken world is not our final destination.

Thanks for Showing your Love!

Whether you participated by donating an item, procuring an item, bidding on items or serving as a Parent Council chair,  I am truly humbled and honored by the love that you all have shown for HPPDS. It is because of you that we are a thriving school community!