School News

If, like me, you have a heavy heart tonight after hearing the news of another brutal tragedy, I hope the start of this Lenten season brings you comfort and reminds you that this broken world is not our final destination.

Thanks for Showing your Love!

Whether you participated by donating an item, procuring an item, bidding on items or serving as a Parent Council chair,  I am truly humbled and honored by the love that you all have shown for HPPDS. It is because of you that we are a thriving school community! 

A Peek at HPPDS Shepherds

I so much enjoyed watching our Kindergarten students begin to understand the concept of being Shepherds of God's flock and am eager to see how our little Shepherds step up to lead with love this semester! 

Read more to learn more about this special program and what took place at the first Shepherds meeting. 

Traditions at Christmas

What is it about Christmas traditions that make the season magical? I believe that traditions are our way of celebrating, which fills our homes and hearts with love and joy. As we exude this "Christmas spirit," we are serving as Stars of Bethlehem, pointing others to Christ.

Gratitude Is Not Just for Thanksgiving

Schools love to focus on being thankful in the month of November. At HPPDS, hallways are adorned with children's dictations and illustrations of gratitude, verses from the Bible focus on giving thanks and we just wrapped up a book fair themed "We are Thankful for Books!" Of course, this is not a bad thing. In fact, it should inspire us to extend our gratitude beyond Thanksgiving.