School News

School Safety Plan

It is incredibly sad that I deliver this news to you in the wake of another school shooting. However, I am glad to bring you this information about the future of safety practices at HPPDS. 


This year, HPPDS, HP Pres and the Hillier School formed a safety team that met regularly to discuss the future of safety for our building. I am so grateful that our work together resulted in the hiring of an incredibly knowledgeable and experienced consultant, Mr. Paul Lake with Sentry One Consulting Group. Mr. Lake completed an audit of the building and current safety protocols, and provided recommendations to the safety team that are projected to be in place for the 2018-2019 school year. 


Click "Read More" to learn about the plans that are underway.

Why We Love Play

Sometimes preschools that are considered "play-based" are assumed to be non-academic, as though it can only be one or the other. On the contrary, neuroscience research consistently points to play as the best way for a child to develop academic skills. Play in the early childhood years is essential for building healthy brain architecture; it creates the foundation upon which all later learning happens.

Promoting Early Literacy

Next week we celebrate books! The book fair will be going on all week, plus PreK3-Kindergarten students will dress up as their favorite book character on Wednesday. Becoming interested in and excited about reading is one of the best indicators a child is ready to begin emergent reading, but do you know the necessary foundational components? It’s so much more than letters and letter sounds! Here is a summary of the four literacy objectives necessary for developing successful readers and how you can support your child's development in each area. (You see these on your progress reports in Toddler 3 and up).

Best Preschool 2018!

Thank you for voting HPPDS best preschool in Park Cities People for the second year in a row! It is an honor and a pleasure to serve this community. There are many things that make HPPDS special, and the fellowship and community of our families is certainly one of them...

Transform at HP Pres

As you may have heard, Highland Park Presbyterian Church has launched Transform, a campaign and renovation plan which aims to make major updates to the campus in accordance with the church's mission. Transform is an exciting undertaking that will result in a brand new Hunt Building, an underground parking garage, and completely refreshed spaces for the Alexander building (where HPPDS is located). I am thrilled to be a part of the discussion on how this will impact HPPDS.