School News

Final School News!

The very last newsletter from Sarah Good. Updates on construction and branding.

With the ongoing potential for severe weather this spring, we would like to remind everyone of our severe weather procedures.

Opening, Not Searching

Philosopher and poet Mark Nepo said "I'm no longer searching; just opening." 

As a school, we are not searching. We know we exist as a ministry to further God's Kingdom. We know our mission, our vision, our core values. We know our history, our tradition. While we are refining and refreshing and ultimately opening, we are not searching.

In Honor of MLK, Jr.

As humans, we’ve made belonging more complicated than God ever intended. With Jesus, we all belong, all the time. And if we continually seek to allow Jesus to be the driving force in our lives, when it comes to who should be allowed in our circles, we only have one rule: love one another. In honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., today let us remember the justice that love demands.