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Thinking about Thanksgiving

I find it's easy for humans to ignore social issues when we don't come face to face with them. Maybe we hear snippets of things about this or that, but because we don't see it in daily life, we are not too concerned. Honestly, that's how I felt about racism until the shocking day I witnessed it first hand. The family photo you see (from last Thanksgiving), represents another moment in time that altered my awareness - the day (or days, rather) that my nephews and niece became part of our family. I never thought very critically about the story of Thanksgiving until I realized these precious Native American children are (and will be) hearing this story in classrooms throughout their upbringing. Classrooms are predominantly white, where the story of Thanksgiving we all learned growing up, and often continue to teach, is typically presented from a white worldview that isn't entirely accurate. 

When our former student, Bennett Williams, enrolled in the Day School, his mom, Kirsa, came to the office to speak to us about Bennett's health. When Bennett was one year old, he was diagnosed with acute lymphocytic leukemia. The brave 3-year-old Bennett joined our PreK3 class while still undergoing chemotherapy. He was in remission after three years of treatment, from 2014 until last month, when his family received the devastating news that Bennett has another form of blood cancer MDS/AML.

Read more to learn how to support this former Day School family. 

I'm not. And I'm excited to tell you that today. 

Last week, I had the privilege of attending Momentous Institute's Changing the Odds Conference. Those of you who have been around for years are accustomed to my "what inspired me" posts that come from this conference. This year, the topic was belonging. It was about the need we have as humans to be connected, and the importance of such connections for truly impacting our communities for the better. This made me think of the barriers we put in place to hold one other at a distance. We erect images of perfection like walls around our hearts, without any doors or windows, so that no one can come inside and see, or even take a peek at, our truths.

We Couldn't Do it Without You!

Wow! We are incredibly grateful to everyone who showed up to partner with the Day School on North Texas Giving Day this year.

I want to be sure that you understand the impact of your donations on our school. Your generosity enables the Day School to achieve a level of excellence that creates an incredible environment for children to learn and grow. Please read more for details!

Welcome back to school at HPPDS! We are so happy to have our students filling the hallways again. It was such a wonderful first few days - lots of joy! Please read more for information to ensure next week runs smoothly.