Transform at HP Pres

As you may have heard, Highland Park Presbyterian Church has launched Transform, a campaign and renovation plan which aims to make major updates to the campus in accordance with the church's mission. Transform is an exciting undertaking that will result in a brand new Hunt Building, an underground parking garage, and completely refreshed spaces for the Alexander building (where HPPDS is located). I am thrilled to be a part of the discussion on how this will impact HPPDS.

What can HPPDS families expect when the work is complete? 

Together with the teachers, staff and board members, I have crafted a vision for physical spaces that match the quality of programming at HPPDS. This vision has been presented to Transform leadership and OmniPlan (the architecture firm), who were very receptive to the ideas. While details are still fluid, you can expect beautiful new classrooms that include a calming color palette, emphasis on natural light and natural elements, fresh paint and flooring, renovated restrooms, and new furnishings, as well as updated outdoor playscapes that encourage creative, collaborate play and gross-motor development. Additionally, a security firm will be working alongside all stakeholders to ensure we capitalize on the opportunity to install additional security features. Plus, the new parking garage will free up spaces near the school entrance for our families to utilize during drop-off and pick-up!

What can HPPDS families expect when construction is underway? 

Rest assured that Transform leadership, OmniPlan and myself are speaking regularly to ensure HPPDS is able to continue to offer the same programming we have promised to our families. We will inevitably have a few challenges to overcome, such as traffic flow, but families should not expect a disruption to their child's school year. While the major construction project on the Hunt building begins in October, the renovations to the Alexander building will be completed during the summers of 2019 and 2020.

I will keep our families updated on the exciting details as they unfold, as well as any potential challenges. This is an incredible time to be a part of HPPDS, and I am eager to witness this vision for our school come to life through Transform! To learn more about Transform, visit


Sarah Good