Welcome Back!

Dear Families, 

Welcome back to school at HPPDS! We are so happy to have our students filling the hallways again. It was such a wonderful first few days - lots of joy! Please read the following information to ensure next week runs smoothly: 


  • Carpool for PreK3-Kindergarten Begins on Monday
    • Drop-Off Carpool
      • Teachers will help your child out of the car.
      • Teachers will be stationed throughout the halls to help children find their classroom.
      • Ensure your child wears his/her provided badge/necklace for the first several days of carpool.
      • Begins at 8:15 and lasts until 8:30.
      • If you arrive after the teachers have gone inside, you must park and walk your child into the building.
    • Pick-Up Carpool
      • Teachers will help your child into the car and will help buckle as needed.
      • Begins at either 11:45 or 1:45. 
      • Please stay in line and do not cut in or leave the line at any time. 
      • If you plan to pick up in the building, please arrive BEFORE carpool begins. You will need to get a pass from the office to check your child out.
  • After School Programs Begin Monday
  • Pizza Lunch Begins Monday (1:45 release PreK4 and K)
  • Safety/Security 
    • Be sure to wear your visitor badge when entering the building. 
    • The only entrance is the main entrance near Park St. Please do not knock on other doors as staff are instructed not to open them. This is a best practice for the safety of your children!
    • If anyone other than the parent is picking a child up from school, we must have their name on the release authorization.

Back to School Tears

If your little one was tearful this week, do not be disheartened. Back to school tears are normal, and our teachers and staff will comfort each child with lots of love. Every child who attended last week had calm, joyful moments at school, and if the tearful moments outweighed the happy, we called home. Parents of Beginners and Explorers, please know that children who have had a great day often cry when pick-up begins, as they see other parents arriving and children leaving. If your little one is emotional about back to school, you may want to pick them up closer to 11:30 until they have settled into the routine. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me! We know it can be hard to drop your babies off - especially for the first time! 

Stay Connected

  • Let us know if you haven't received your invitation to Brightwheel! If you are seeing duplicate profiles for your child, you may email support@mybrightwheel.com to have that fixed. Be sure to enable notifications from Brightwheel on your phone so you can receive updates from the teachers.
  • Follow us on Instagram: @thedayschool and parent council @thedayschoolpc.

I am looking forward to a wonderful school year! I am always here if I can be helpful in any way. 


Sarah Good