A Love of Reading

I love to read!  I love reading a good novel at the beach, flipping through magazines for home decorating ideas, reading educational material to become a better teacher. The world comes alive through the gift of books! Although children develop at their own pace, there are some things you can do at home to encourage your child to become a strong reader.

Read aloud  Reading aloud to your children is one of the most important things you can do to prepare them to read. Research shows that children's brain capacity for language and literacy skills increases when you read aloud to them. While reading a bedtime story may soothe your child, it is also developing a strong vocabulary and love of reading.

Model reading for your children  Your love of reading will be passed on to your children. When your children see you reading, they will want a book and read alongside you. Setting a family reading time helps establish  good reading habits. Children of all ages benefit from reading.

Print Awareness  Print awareness is noticing words on a page and understanding words represents an image or thought. It includes understanding how to handle a book, what is the cover, how to turn pages. Point to words on a page and notice those same words in the environment. Parents should allow children to hold books beginning at the earliest age.

Create a literature rich environment in your home. Provide your children with many opportunities to read, explore and listen to wonderful stories. By doing so, you are developing good readers and lifelong learners.

Stephanie Johnson-Martin
Literacy Specialist