Healthy Heart Month

February is Healthy Heart Month at HPPDS

In a world and time where technology is continuing to grow, we need not forget the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

According to, "The National Physical Activity Plan Alliance conducted a study in October of 2018 where they assessed children and youth’s physical activity levels.  The United States earned a D-.  While there had been shown improvement from previous years, it is evident that we as parents and educators need to do more to ensure our children will be a healthier and more active generation."

This month in our Motor Lab and Physical Education classes, I am explaining to our students the importance of healthy eating and exercise.  Each week we go over healthy eating, such as vegetables, fruits, and drinking water as opposed to sugary options. I also discuss that junk food and fast food are just “some of the time” options.

I will encourage the students to be active 60 minutes a day, an awesome program adopted by the NFL’s “Play 60” program. We will also discuss the importance of cutting back on screen time and television time.

In my classes this week, the students will be participating in activities that include jumping rope, hula hooping, obstacle course, dancing, aerobics, and relay races. The students receive a sticker stating the activity they did in class that day for their Healthy Hearts. 

Let’s make this year a stepping stone to promoting a healthier lifestyle for our HPPDS families.


Much love,

Sharon Bankhead

HPPDS Motor Lab/Physical Education teacher