Healthy Heart Olympics

February is Healthy Heart Month, and while many of us are thinking about our own healthy life style, we may be missing the group on which we can have the greatest impact - our children!. Research has shown that forming a healthy life style for life starts in childhood. Let's start our children on the road to healthy living! 

At HPPDS this year Healthy Heart Month has an Olympic theme! The children participated in our all-school opening ceremony as we gathered together to "light" the torch, wave our flags and recite the Olympic Oath. We will learn about healthy hearts our PE and Motor Lab classes as we talk about healthy food, healthy things to drink, and ways we can exercise through play and getting outdoors. Our activities for the month will be Winter Olympic event inspired. At the end of each class, your child will be given a bracelet, in Olympic ring fashion, which shows the Olympic event they participated in that week. The Olympic events include: 

  • Figure Skating (Using paper plates as ice skates)
  • Hockey (Noodle hockey sticks and foam balls)
  • Bobsledding (Using Roller boards)
  • Speed Skating (Paper plate ice skate races)
  • The Toddler Snowball Throw

Look for pictures from our Olympics this month on our instagram account, and be sure to ask your child about their Olympic event when you see them come home wearing a ring bracelet. 


Sharon Bankhead
Motor Lab/P.E. Teacher