Motor Lab and P.E. at HPPDS

In the Motor Lab and P.E. classes at HPPDS, I strive to provide your children with physical activities that will help them be successful in all aspects of life. We are already aware that exercise and motor skill development aid in strengthening of the heart and lungs, healthy bones, and good posture. However, many are not aware of the brain boosting benefits of physical activity in regard to academic success. 

It is a well-known fact that children learn and remember most when actively and physically involved in a learning situation. In other words, they learn best by doing! In Motor Lab, I reinforce learning through Gross Motor skill development. Eye-hand coordination gained through motor skills aides students in their handwriting ability. The skill of recreating motor movements has been shown to aide students in reading, writing and math. 

In a technology-filled world, the importance of teaching children proper movement patterns has grown. Our children need a chance to develop healthy bodies while sharpening their perceptual skills and maturing their neurological systems. A child can be truly victorious when his or her body and mind are working at their developmental best. Success in motor development affects every part of life that your child will experience. 

As the Motor Lab and P.E. teacher at HPPDS, it is my goal to help the children develop and refine their gross motor skills through play. Children will develop and improve their motor skills through practice and exposure. I also have a lot of opportunities to coach children on social-emotional skills as we practice team work, turn-taking and healthy competition.

I'm looking forward to a wonderful, movement-filled school year! 

With love, 

Sharon Bankhead 
Motor Lab/P.E. Teacher