Spring in Music!

Tadpoles, caterpillars, and birdies, OH MY!

Parents, I'm SO happy to hear that some of your kiddos have been pretending to be frogs at home, acting out the whole life cycle through "The Story of the Frog". This spring in music, we have been exploring animals that hatch from eggs and their life cycles through movement, song, and story. Not only does this bring science to life and develop our gross motor skills, but gives us the chance to listen and identify 7 distinct instrumental sections: hopping, laying eggs, floating, hatching, swimming, growing, hopping. (Ask your child to show you at home. Some of them can even write the numbers for you). We've also had a chance to explore the "guiro" instruments which make a "ribbit" sound, and the "vibra-slap" which makes a hopping sound. 

We also enjoyed a "math"/ fine motor song, "5 Green and Speckled Frogs," as we subtracted frogs from the log. Because the children noticed that one of the frogs was missing an eye, we had a lesson about "inclusion". "You're right, he is missing an eye, but look, he can hop and swim just like the other frogs! If you're really curious, we could ask him about it. That would be more polite than just staring at him....Excuse me, Mr. Frog, I was wondering what happened to your eye...." Of course, we understood he might say, "None of your business," but he was happy to tell us. Turns out he was in an accident with a snake, but he's just fine now. ;) This led to discussion of the "real world" examples we've seen and known of animals and people who have physical disabilities, and live full lives. 

We've also made the magical transformation from creeping caterpillars to fluttering butterflies (with scarves) and danced in a lovely butterfly garden to "Humoresque" (violin) by Dvorak. And test your child's memory with the additive song, "Oh, In the Woods" to find out what is in the tree, and what is in the egg. Through this song we've practiced matching pitch, and keeping the steady beat. As always, if your child has a favorite song or lesson, OR if you'd really like to sing along, I'll be happy to make you a CD. Just let me know, lmanders@hppds.org. It's your prize for reading this blog! 

Mrs. Manders
Music Teacher