Snack Families:

1/7: Brooks (M/W) and Cardwell (T/TH)

1/14: Corrigan (M/W) and Culpepper (T/TH)


Coming up:

1/15: Spirit Day! (The children can wear school colors instead of uniforms)

1/21: MLK Day, No School!


Hi Families!


Welcome back! We hope you all had wonderful and restful breaks. We enjoyed the time off but are so excited to be back! It brought us so much joy to see how excited the little ones were to return to their classroom. Their first year of school is such a special time and we're so thrilled to see how well they've all adjusted. 

This month we're learning all about light and shadow. We have fun activities planned involving flashlights and our light table! We'll be singing songs like Mr. Golden Sun and Twinkle Twinkle. We'll be reading Goodnight Moon and God made the sun. We can't wait!

As always, feel free to reach out to us with any questions!


Miss Hayley and Miss Allison


Snack Families:

12/3: McWilliams (M/W) and Sargent (T/TH)

12/10: Sillers (M/W) and Underwood (T/TH)

12/17: Brighiu (M/W) and Bell (T/TH)


Coming up:

12/12: Spirit Day! (The children can wear school colors instead of uniforms)

12/18 and 12/19: Christmas Program and Class Party

12/21-1/6: Christmas Break (No School!)


Hi Families!

November was quick but fun-filled! Our unit this month was food which we explored in multiple ways - from making apple prints to introducing new toys (pancakes, pizza and waffles!) in our play kitchen.

We’ve loved watching their personalities and interests continue to be revealed through their play. While it is undoubtedly cute to watch them pretend to feed their babies and salt their food in the kitchen, it’s also a sign of healthy brain development. Play allows children to navigate different roles in a setting they are comfortable in which leads to self-assurance and resiliency in the future. This is a great, short read about the multiple benefits of play!

How is it already December!? The most wonderful time of the year is upon us and we couldn’t be more excited for all that the month has in store. Your little ones have been working hard in music learning some very special songs for the Christmas Program and we can’t wait for you all to hear them!

On another note, as our first semester as Day School teachers begins to wind down we wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all for being so wonderful. Your support and tokens of appreciation have made us feel endlessly loved and we are truly so grateful. Communication between parents and teachers is such an important part of your children’s school experience. We count ourselves blessed by the relationships we’ve formed with each of you. It was a pleasure to sit with you all during parent teacher conferences and share how much your children mean to us. It brought us unmitigated joy to hear that they love being at school. We strive every day to make sure they feel safe and secure so that they may be cheerful in their learning. To see their smiling faces each day is the greatest reward!


Miss Hayley and Miss Allison


Snack Families

11/5: Hardaway (M/W) and Geary (T/TH) 

11/12: Lucas (M/W) and Hicks (T/TH)

11/26: McWilliams (M/W) and Hicks (T/TH)



11/9 - Callie Sargent (T/TH)

11/11 - Sophia Geary (T/TH)



11/5: Fall Book Fair

11/6: Spirit Day (Dress your little ones in our school colors!)

11/8: Open House 5:30-6:30 (Bring your children and come check out what they've been doing at school!)

11/19 - 11/23:  Thanksgiving Break

11/28 & 11/29: Parent Teacher Conferences 


Dear Parents,

October flew by in the best way possible! Your kiddos have been so busy! So much has happened, from the Fall Costume Parade to the hatching of our class butterflies! Not to mention all the cool construction that's happening outside our window has lent itself to some great entertainment. 

The first part of the month was all about color. In Spanish we sang fun songs that focused on the Spanish words for colors. We did many collaborative activities including making stained glass windows out of tissue paper and contact paper. When you come by for open house feel free to check out our bulletin board to see this and other activities. Your little ones love looking at and touching the board and admiring their work. 

We've moved on to fall and it's been wonderful! We went on a "nature walk" and collected leaves and sticks and then used them to paint! They loved making prints and experimenting with the different natural materials. 

We are truly in awe of your children and how joyful and inquisitive they are, it's a treat to teach each of them.


Miss Waring and Miss Boyce