Happy 2019! It is so hard to believe it is already January. We have lots of exciting things planned for the second half of the year!

- Snack family for week of January 14: RUHS
- Snack family for week of January 21: SCHWARZ
- Snack family for week of January 28: SHANKLE
- Snack family for week of February 4: TAYLOR
- Spirit Day is January 15th
- No School on Monday, January 21st (MLK day)
- Thursday, February 14th, we lead chapel! (This is our last time to lead)

Past unit: Christmas

We loved spending time learning about the true meaning of Christmas (with a sprinkle of Santa) by reading books, making Christmas story bracelets, acting out the Christmas story, and more.

Current Unit: Taking Care of Yourself

As we begin this new semester and start talking more about kindergarten readiness, I always have parents ask how they can help at home. We often focus on letters and numbers, but it is also very important to provide exciting and interactive opportunities to strengthen your child’s fine motor skill development! Developing the strength in the small muscles that control the hand, fingers, and thumb will help children to have correct pencil grip and gain control with writing utensils. Strong fine motor skills also help children complete important self-care tasks, such as buttoning and zippering. We incorporate lots of fine motor skill development opportunities into our days here at school!


Now is the time to look for the “tripod grasp” when your child is writing at home! Your child will love to sit and color or write with you. You can also incorporate mazes, dot-to-dot, tracing, and games like tic-tac-toe.


Need other fun ideas?

•    Use tweezers to transfer things from one place to another

•    Peel and put stickers on plastic cups or paper

•    Cut, cut, cut! Let them use scissors whenever possible!

•    Give them a squirt bottle with water to help you clean

•    Play games like Connect 4 or Operation

•    Use tongs or chopsticks to eat

•    Ask your child to try buttoning or zipping up their jacket


As always, practice makes perfect! I am looking forward to a wonderful semester full of growing and learning. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns!



Happy December!

We had a wonderful past month learning all about the many community helpers in our world. We are so thankful for all that they do for us. We will spend the next few weeks celebrating Christmas!

Snack Families:

·  Week of December 3rd: LEWIS

·  Week of December 10th: MELSON

·  Week of December 17th: MURPHY

Upcoming Dates and Reminders:

·         Monday, December 3rd: Celebrate December Birthdays in chapel (8:45 in Wynne Chapel)

·         Thursday, December 6th: Our class leads chapel! (8:45 in Wynne Chapel)

·         Wednesday, December 12th: Spirit Day!

·         Wednesday, December 19th: Christmas party (11:00 in our room)

·         Thursday, December 20th: Christmas Service (11:00 in the sanctuary)

·         Monday, January 7th: Back to school after Christmas Break

Past Unit: Community Helpers

Upcoming Unit: Christmas

We have had a fantastic time learning about our community through play during our time in centers!  Here are the benefits of having centers in our classroom:

·         Center time allows children time to grow in their social skills.  They are learning how to join in on already established play.  The children are learning how to negotiate the guidelines of what they will be doing in the center and how to divvy up tasks when it is time to clean up.


·         Centers help kids become more self–aware as they are learning time management and exploring their interests.  Self-regulation is practiced during center time through how they talk to their friends, how they practice self-control, and how they regulate their emotions.


·         Centers help kids learn by practicing what they have been taught. It is a safe place to make mistakes.  “New to them” skills will also crop up.  These are the “ah ha” moments that are so exciting to observe!  Language development occurs during centers because it allows children to interact with their peers.


Dramatic Play, the Reading Corner, Science/Math, Sensory Table, Blocks, Writing, and Art are available centers weekly.  Ask your child what they did in a specific center today. You’ll be amazed at how much they have learned!

I think your children will really enjoy the Christmas themed centers!

As always, please reach out if you have any questions or concerns.



Mrs. Hines



Happy November!

We love spending each day with your sweet kids.  We have been busy learning all about animals. We loved doing some pumpkin themed activities as well, and the children absolutely loved dressing up for the costume parade. We have lots to look forward to in November!

Snack Families:

·  Week of November 5th: GEARY

·  Week of November 12th: BOONE

·  Week of November 19th: (N/A)

·  Week of November 26th: GEARY

Upcoming Dates and Reminders:

·  November 5th- November birthdays celebration in chapel at 8:45am

·  November 5th- Fall Book Fair begins

·  November 5th- Hearing and Vision Screening

·  November 6th- Spirit Day! Wear your red, white and navy gear

·  November 8th- Open House from 5:30-6:30! Your children will love showing you around our classroom

·  November 19th- 22nd- No School! Happy Thanksgiving!

·  November 28th- Parent Teacher Conferences

Parent/Teacher Conference Schedule:

***You are welcome to switch times. Please indicate any changes on the schedule posted outside our classroom. Thank you! ***

8:05 BOONE

8:25 GEARY

8:45 LEWIS




10:05 RUHS



11:05 TAYLOR



Past Unit: Awesome Animals

Upcoming Unit: Community Helpers

We had so much fun learning about animals during the Animal Unit, and we are now moving into our unit about community helpers. We will learn a new poem with each unit. After introducing the poem, we will use it to teach many different aspects of literacy. For example, this past unit we learned a poem called “The Zoo”. They loved memorizing and acting out the poem, and they had no idea all the many things they were learning along the way. Together, we...

- used hilighter tape to identify letters and sounds

- identified rhyming words

- identified numbers

- used a pointer to follow along from left to right to teach text directionality and concepts of print

- practiced reading fluently and with excitement

- used picture clues to help us read by looking at the illustrations

- counted letters and words

- counted syllables of animal names

And so much more! :)



To extend their learning at home,

- your child might have fun reciting it with you

- begin the sentence and let your child fill in the final word (you say: “1,1 the zoo is...” , child says: “fun!”

- clap syllables of other animal names

- illustrate the poem at home (Ask questions like... does your elephant have ears? Does an elephant have a body? Etc.)

- ask your child about their new poem about community helpers


Below is the poem.


The Zoo!

1,1, the zoo is fun

2,2, see a kangaroo

3,3 see a chimpanzee

4,4, hear the lion’s roar

5,5 watch the seals dive

6,6 a monkey doing tricks

7,7 an elephant named Kevin

8,8 a tiger looking great

9,9 penguins marching in a line

10,10 I was to come again!

As always, please reach out if you have any questions or concerns.



Mrs. Hines