Snack Family:

1/14: McNeil

1/22: Merrill

Upcoming Dates:

1/15: Spirit Day

1/18: Pajama Day! Children can wear their favorite pajamas to school as part of our clothes unit. Please make sure they still have shoes suitable for the playground.

21: MLK Holiday: No school!

This Week We:

- Were SO excited to see our friends again! We missed each other over the break!

- Focused on our letter of the week: “Q”.

- Began a brand new unit of study: Clothes!

- Learned about the features of clothes- buttons, zippers, snaps, patterns, etc.

- Counted the buttons, snaps, zippers and Velcro we wore to school. Our class had on 55 buttons, and Maeve had on the most buttons: 12!

- Learned all about “describing” words in order to expand and mature our vocabulary. We all go a turn to describe the clothes we had on.

- Learned how to bowl in Motor Lab.

- Learned about the story of the Wise Men in Godly Play.


Next Week We Will:

 - Learn how we can take care of our clothes.

- Learn all about our letter of the week: “G”.

- Work on writing our own names.

- Refine our fine motor skills by “sewing” a pocket for Corduroy... an extension of one of our favorite books!

- Recall and act out another favorite book: Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

- Generate a list of words that begin with “G”.

- Play a fun counting game with socks!




Upcoming Dates:

Snack Families:

December 3: Baker

December 10: Calderon


December 12: Spirit Day! No uniforms!

December 19: 11:00- 11:30: Class Christmas party. Children may skip the uniform and wear their Christmas best.

December 20: 11:00- Christmas Sanctuary service. Our class will be participating by singing on stage. Please wear uniform. There will be no departing carpool- you may pick your child up in our classroom after the service.

December 21- January 6th: No school! Christmas Break

January 7: School resumes.


This week week we:

- Learned all about the letter “U”... our first letter with a “curved line”!

- Played a fun rhyming game.

- Used our scale and different balls to try to find out how to balance both sides.

- Worked on our amazing art piece for the school auction!

- We investigated the question “What makes balls move?”.

- We learned about Jonah and the whale with Mrs. Bell.


Next week we will:

-Paint with balls.

- Learn about different sports and vote for our favorite one.

- Learn all about the letter “C”.

- Do a ramp expirement to determine which ball will roll the farthest.

- Learn some new sports themed poems and rhymes.

- Learn what worlds begin with the letter “C”.

- Learn more about the equipment that athletes use when they play sports.

- Work on recognizing numbers 1-10.

Upcoming Dates:


Snack Family:

11/5: Sutton

11/12: Wilcox


11/5- 11/9: Book Fair!

11/6: Spirit Day

11/8: Open House: 5:30- 6:30. The whole family is welcome!

11/19- 11/23: Thanksgiving Holiday- No school! Enjoy the special time with your family.

11/28: Parent/Teacher Conferences. No school! Stay tuned for more information.


This week we:

- Focused on the letter “H”.

- Turned our home center into a Construction Zone.

- Built towers and buildings using shaving cream and foam blocks.

- Played a math game to help us recognize numbers 1-10.

- Practiced our scissor skills by cutting out shapes.

- Learned all about the story of Three Little Pigs and decided what we would wan to build our own homes out of.

- Used our scale to learn about measurement and balance.

- Learned how to Hula Hoop in Motor Lab!

- Collected bright red and yellow fall leaves.


Next week we will:

- Discuss what makes our own building special and what happens in our building.

- Focus on the letter “T”.

- Learn more about the concept of “alike vs different” by comparing two different buildings.

- Continue to work on recognizing our numbers and counting objects.

- Go on a fun Scavenger Hunt in our building to learn more about our school and church building.

- Begin to talk about Thanksgiving.

- Prepare our classroom for special visitors on Open House.

- Come up with a list of words that begin with “T”.

- Illustrate our answer to the prompt “ I think the most important building is....”.