Snack Families:

March 4: Sutton

March 18: Wilcox

March 25: Witter

Upcoming Dates:

3/11-3/15: Spring Break

3/25- 3/29: Book Fair

3/20: Book Character Day. Children may come to school dressed as their favorite character from a book. More details to come!

3/28: Dad's Night! Be on the lookout for more information.

This week we:

- Learned all about the letter "R".

- Discussed ways we can reuse items instead of throwing them away!

- Made beautiful art out of found and reused objects.

- Focused on recognizing rhymes and coming up with our own rhyming words.

- Had fun coming up with new and complex blocks.

- Continued to love going to Chapel... it's one of our favorite parts of our school week!


Next week we will:

- Learn what items we can recycle, and what items we can throw away.

- Read "Paper Bag Princess" and make our own accessories out of paper bags!

- Compare numbers while playing a fun game.

- Practice isolating the first sound we hear in words and trying to figure out what letters makes that sound.

- Practice writing our names.

- Make a sculpture using recyclable items.

- Practice cutting with our thumb on top.


Snack Families:

2/4: Morris

2/11: Obenhaus

2/18: Ratliff

2/25: Ratliff

Upcoming Dates:

2/7: Pre- K 3's 1st visit to Chapel! We will start to attend Chapel every Monday and Thursday 8:45- 9:00 am. This is such a sweet time to worship as a school. On Chapel days we will leave our classroom at 8:40. If you arrive after 8:40, you will need to walk your child to Wynne Chapel. Parents are always welcome to attend! The last 6 rows are reserved just for you.

2/14: Class Valentine Party: 11:00- 11:30. Please bring a valentine for each child in class (there are 14 of us). Please remember that non-food valentines are preferred! We will be decorating bags at the party, so there is no need to bring one from home. We are excited to celebrate our class of sweethearts!

2/20: Spirit Day

2/27: Parent/Teacher Conferences: No school. We will send out more information soon!


This week we:

- Learned how to form our letter of the week: J!

- Wrapped up the last week of our Clothes Unit.

- Had a blast with artificial snow in our sensory bin... it feels just like real snow!

- Learned where we buy clothes and what clothes we wear to keep us warm.

- Played a fun letter game where we had to go on a letter hunt and then match them!

- Continued to work on writing our names.

- Explored what happens when we combine different types of paint together. Our paintings turned out amazing!

- Worked on balance and coordination in Motor Lab using hoops.

- Read some fantastic books in Library, where we all learned to use the phrases "Fortunately" and "Unfortunately". We love to use the phrases in class now!

- Worked on building up our "describing" words to expand and mature our vocabulary and conversation skills.


Next week we will:

- Be introduced to the letter "D"!

- Begin a fun mini-unit on winter.

- Learn all about hibernation.

- Use our engineering skills to construct "igloos" out of stacking cups... then knock them down with "snowballs"!

- Do some fun and interesting science experiments with ice.

- Use a variety of materials and techniques to create a Winter Wonderland artistic masterpiece!

- Build our own snowmen using giant boxes and fun accessories.

- Work on finding the letters in our names and sequencing them in order.

- Compare quantities: equal, greater than and less than.


Snack Family:

1/14: McNeil

1/22: Merrill

Upcoming Dates:

1/15: Spirit Day

1/18: Pajama Day! Children can wear their favorite pajamas to school as part of our clothes unit. Please make sure they still have shoes suitable for the playground.

21: MLK Holiday: No school!

This Week We:

- Were SO excited to see our friends again! We missed each other over the break!

- Focused on our letter of the week: “Q”.

- Began a brand new unit of study: Clothes!

- Learned about the features of clothes- buttons, zippers, snaps, patterns, etc.

- Counted the buttons, snaps, zippers and Velcro we wore to school. Our class had on 55 buttons, and Maeve had on the most buttons: 12!

- Learned all about “describing” words in order to expand and mature our vocabulary. We all go a turn to describe the clothes we had on.

- Learned how to bowl in Motor Lab.

- Learned about the story of the Wise Men in Godly Play.


Next Week We Will:

 - Learn how we can take care of our clothes.

- Learn all about our letter of the week: “G”.

- Work on writing our own names.

- Refine our fine motor skills by “sewing” a pocket for Corduroy... an extension of one of our favorite books!

- Recall and act out another favorite book: Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

- Generate a list of words that begin with “G”.

- Play a fun counting game with socks!