Snack Families:

April 29: McNeil

May : Merrill

May 13: Moradi

May 20: Morris

May 27: Obenhaus 


Upcoming Dates:

May 21: Spirit Day!

May 24: Last day for Academy

May 27: Memorial Day- No school!

May 30: Field Day/  Last Day of School


This Week We:

- Began our Exercise Unit

- Focused on the letter “X”

- Made a list of everything we would like to learn about exercise.

- Learned how to do the splits, do jumping jacks, push-ups and yoga!

- Refined our fine motor skills by cutting out shapes.

- Learned how to isolate and count the syllables in our names.


Next Week We Will:

- Begin to draw our end of year self- portraits. We can’t wait to compare them to the ones we drew at the beginning of the year.

- Work on our sorting and classification skills with a fun sports game.

- Learn more about “describing words” and how we can add them to our vocabulary.

- Play a game to help us identify and generate rhyming words.

- Do partner yoga!

- Learn more about the letter of the week “Y”!

Snack Families:

4/1: Baker

4/8: Calderon

4/15: Campbell

4/22: Flanigan

4/29: McNeil

Important Dates:

4/5: Our class will be leading Chapel. Please make sure the kids are on time so we can get them in costume! Our Chapel is from 8:45- 9:00 in Wynn Chapel.

4/17: Class Easter Party: 11:00

4/18: Easter Sanctuary Service: 10:30- 11:00. Grandfriend Celebration: 11:00- 11:45. There is no Academy and no departing carpool.

4/19 and 4/22: Easter Holiday. No school! Enjoy this special time with your family!

4/24: Spirit Day!


This Week we:

- Drew portraits of our Dads and discussed the many reasons we love them.

- Had a blast at Dad’s Night!

- Worked on writing our names.

- Learned how to scan text to find specific words.

- Played a game to learn how to isolate the first sound in a word and identify the letter.

- Discussed what animals are pets and got to share about our own pets.

- Looked at photos of bluebonnets and painted our own. We have a bluebonnet field in our classroom now!

Next week we will:

- Present the story of Jesus entering Jerusalem in Chapel.

- Learn all about the beautiful and miraculous story of Easter.

- Focus on our letter of the week: “N”!

- Make props for our Chapel presentation.

- Continue to refine our scissor skills by cutting out shapes.

- Work on our classification skills by sorting pets by their characteristics and what types of homes they live in.

- Continue to observe and record the growth of the seeds we planted. 


Snack Families:

March 4: Sutton

March 18: Wilcox

March 25: Witter

Upcoming Dates:

3/11-3/15: Spring Break

3/25- 3/29: Book Fair

3/20: Book Character Day. Children may come to school dressed as their favorite character from a book. More details to come!

3/28: Dad's Night! Be on the lookout for more information.

This week we:

- Learned all about the letter "R".

- Discussed ways we can reuse items instead of throwing them away!

- Made beautiful art out of found and reused objects.

- Focused on recognizing rhymes and coming up with our own rhyming words.

- Had fun coming up with new and complex blocks.

- Continued to love going to Chapel... it's one of our favorite parts of our school week!


Next week we will:

- Learn what items we can recycle, and what items we can throw away.

- Read "Paper Bag Princess" and make our own accessories out of paper bags!

- Compare numbers while playing a fun game.

- Practice isolating the first sound we hear in words and trying to figure out what letters makes that sound.

- Practice writing our names.

- Make a sculpture using recyclable items.

- Practice cutting with our thumb on top.