We can't believe that the last month of the school year is almost here! Time has flown!! 


  • Snack Family Week of May 6th- Glendenning
  • Snack Family Week of May 13th- Hunt 
  • Happy Birthday Laith! May 15th
  • Snack Family Week of May 20th- McKee 
  • Spirit Day!! May 21st
  • Last day of after school programs - May 24th
  • Happy Birthday Landry! May 25th
  • NO SCHOOL May 27th for Memorial Day!
  • Snack Family Week of May 27th- Miltenberger 
  • May 28 - 30 Camp Week! 
  • Happy Birthday Betsy! May 29th 
  • May 30th - Field Day and Last day of school

Exercise Unit:

We finished our Pets unit and want to thank all the families who brought their pets to school! The kids loved meeting them! After Pets we started our new unit, Exercise, and are learning how to keep our bodies healthy! We have:

  • Learned the poem “The Way I Move”
  • Created a fitness center in dramatic play - added a trampoline, weights, a yoga mat and an aerobic step
  • Strengthened fine motor skills by punching the pegs into a Lite Brite!
  • Practiced new yoga moves 
  • Made magnetic "dumbbells" 
  • Read the books Hop, Hop, Jump, Bear on a Bike, and Jo Jo's Flying Side Kick
  • Learned to write the letters X and W
  • Discussed different types of exercise, what it means to exercise, and how to keep our bodies healthy 
  • Made "X-rays” of our hands with white paint and q-tips as we learned about how exercise strengthens our muscles and bones!

Coming up: 

We will continue our unit on Exercise for one more week and learn about more ways to stay healthy! After this unit, we will move on to our last unit of the year, Music! This one is always so much fun and so interactive!


Home Connection:

Ask your child to recite the poen “The Way I Move.” Go on a walk or a bike ride and exercise together as a family! Talk about ways to stay safe when exercising and always model wearing a helmet when riding a bike! As always, keep on reading!


It’s officially Spring! We hope you all are enjoying the nice weather that we have had the past few weeks! 


  • Snack family week of April 1st - Smith
  • Happy Birthday Charles on April 8th!!!!
  • Snack family week of April 8th - Bramhall
  • Snack family week of April 15th- Brown
  • April 17th @ 11 AM- Easter Party! (More details to come) 
  • April 18th - Easter Sanctuary Service and Grandfriend’s Day! 
  • NO SCHOOL Friday April 19th and Monday April 22nd
  • Happy Birthday Amelia on April 22nd!!!!
  • Snack family week of April 22nd - Droege
  • Spirit Day!! - April 24th 
  • Snack family week of April 29th - Frankowaik 

Pets Unit:

The week after back Spring Break we learned all about our new season of Spring! This week we started our Pets unit! We have been talking about all the different kinds of pets and have even had some pets join our class! We have:

  • Learned the Poems Goodbye  and Puppy Dog 
  • Planted grass! It’s starting to grow!
  • Used tongs to pick out “worms” in the “birds nest” in the sensory bin. We are strengthening those fine motor skills! 
  • Practiced cutting out vegetables and sorting them in our “class garden” located outside our classroom.
  • Worked on letter recognition and arranged the letters of their names in order in a puzzle that formed a tulip.
  • Painted beautiful bluebonnet pictures!
  • Got ready for Dad’s Night by asking questions like “what does your dad do for work?” and “why do you love your dad?”
  • Added water beads in the sensory bin! SO much fun to feel and play with! 
  • Created a Pet Store in the home center with Beenie Babies 
  • Letters of the week have been: A and M 
  • Met our first pet visitor, Tripp’s dog Roman!
  • Asked questions about how we should treat the pets that visit and what kind of questions to ask about the pet.

Coming Up:

We will spend 2 more weeks learning about pets before Easter! After Easter we will begin our exercise unit and learn about different kinds of exercise, exercise safety, and different ways to stay  healthy! 

Home Connection:

Ask your child to recite the “butterfly” song Mrs. Redmond taught in class! It’s SO CUTE! Talk to your child about pets and what kind of animals could be pets. Keep reading and enjoying the nice weather outside! 


Thank you!

Mrs. Redmond and Miss Moore

We can’t believe there is only 1 more week until Spring Break!! The Spring semester has flown by!! Hopefully Spring Break will bring some nice Spring weather! 


  • Snack Family Week of March 4th - Sturdivant 
  • SPRING BREAK!!! March 11th - 15th
  • Happy Birthday George!!! - March 13th 
  • Snack Family Week of March 18th - Talbott
  • Spirit Day! March 19th 
  • Book Character Day! March 20th 
  • Snack Family Week of March 25th - Underwood
  • Spring Book Fair - March 25th - 29th 
  • Happy Birthday Margot!!! - March 26th 
  • Dad’s Night!! March 28th @ 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM
  • Snack Family Week of April 1st - Smith

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Unit:

​​​​​​​We have spent the last few weeks on our unit “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” learning about ways to keep our Earth healthy, clean, and safe! We have talked about different ways to recycle and what it means to reduce and reuse waste! We have: 

  • Learned the Poem Reduce, Reuse, Recycle  - it’s a song so ask your child to sing it to you! 
  • Asked the questions:  What do people throw away? , How can we create less trash?, Where does our trash go after we throw it away?, and How can we reuse junk? 
  • Planted 5 different types of beans to see which one grows the tallest! 
  • Practiced cutting out pictures from old magazines in the sensory table
  • Painted with recycled paper towel and toilet paper rolls
  • Sorted recycled items by small, medium, and large 
  • Created and painted a robot and a castle (check Brightwheel for a picture!) out of our recycled items 
  • Read books about Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle like : The Paper Bag Princess, Radio Man, I Stink!, The Adventures of Gary and Harry, & Dinosaur Woods 
  • Continued “letter of the week” with letters B & R! 

Coming up:​​​​​​​

Spring Break is fast approaching!! We will spend 1 more week discussing Reduce, Reuse, Recycle until we leave for break. When we come back, we will be learning about Spring and getting ready for Dad’s night! 

Home Connection:

​​​​​​​Take your child on a walk and pick up trash! Let your child help sort recycled items! Also, keep reading!! 

Have a fantastic Spring Break! 

Miss. Moore and Mrs. Redmond