Happy 2019!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas break with your family.  I have enjoyed hearing about the fun that everyone had for Christmas and celebrating the New Year.

We are ready for 2nd semester!  The children have grown so much academically, developmentally and socially and Miss Camp and I can see that they are ready to accomplish a lot this year.  

We have been so proud of the new maturity and focus during math and reading.  Have your child show you how to do subtraction and addition problems.  They are all mastering this skill beautifully!!

We are still progressing with our reading skills.  I have been so proud of the growth I have seen and know you have too.  We appreciate all your help at home with our readers and sight words.  We can tell their has been lots of practice!  Continue to let your son/daughter sound out words with you and point out sight words as you see them.  

This month our unit of study is Winter Animals.  We will be learning about different winter animals and their habitats and needs.  Some new vocabulary words are adapt, migrate and hibernate.  

As we begin this new year together, I want to once again thank you for all your support and wish you a blessed 2019!

Michelle Rickman

Snack helpers:

Jan 7 - Hall

Jan 14 - Innamorati

Jan 22 - Laurencio

Jan 28 - Moradi

Upcoming events:

Jan 15 - Spirit dress day

Jan 17 - Chapel - Mrs. Rickman's class

Jan 21 - No school - MLK Day

Jan 25 - Celebrate Miss Camp day! :)

Jan 27 - Miss Camp's birthday 

Secret Readers:

The kids are loving our surprise mystery readers!

Jan 11 - Bowen

Jan 18 - Moradi

Jan 25 - Peters

Happy December!

I hope you had a restful and blessed Thanksgiving with your family and friends.  We are excited for this last month of the year and the learning and fun that we have in store.  

We finished our Thanksgiving unit and are now starting on our Christmas unit where we will focus on the birth of Jesus and the celebration that He is the reason for the season.  We all got our parts for the Christmas play and are hard at work practicing for the best Christmas program ever and hope you will make plans to come and watch!

This month we are working on " _op, _ap, _it, and _at" words.  It will be fun for your child to brainstorm words with you that end with these sounds, such as "mop, cop, lap, gap, sit, fit, mat and hat."  You can come up with all that you can together and then they can share during center time when we list them out as a class.  

In math we are working on counting backwards from 20.  This is also something that you can do together in the car or while waiting in line somewhere.  In addition, we are practicing identifying numbers that fall in between other numbers, for example, "What number comes in between 17 and 19, or 11 and 13?"  This is another great thing to practice with your child.  

Thank you for all your support this first semester.  You and your children have been a true blessing to me.  

Michelle Rickman


Snack helpers:

Dec. 3 - Bowen

Dec. 10 - Dunagan

Dec. 17 - Frutkin


Please return sight words and red folders each Monday.  Please practice sight words several times each weekend.  

Please also return Book Buddy bags after your child has read their book to you several days in a row.  We will send new readers home after old ones are returned.  

Upcoming events:

Dec. 12 - Spirit Day

Dec. 14 - Christmas caroling field trip 

Dec. 19 - 11-11:30 - Class Christmas party

Dec. 20 - 11:00 - Christmas Service/Dismissal

Dec. 21 - Jan. 6 - Christmas Break

Secret Readers:

The kids are loving our surprise mystery readers!

Dec. 7 - Slaughter

Dec. 14 - Peters


Happy November!

We celebrated 50 days of kindergarten this week and can't believe how much fun we are having together.  We finished up our Habitat unit and can not wait to see the individual habitat shadow boxes that come in for open house next week.  This month we will focus on the theme of thankfulness as we explore the Thanksgiving holiday and discuss all we have to be grateful for in our lives.  

We learned 2 new prayers this week for snack and lunch time.  Ask your son/daughter to recite their new prayers and to tell you his/her favorite classroom chant!

I am thrilled with how many in our class are beginning to sound out words and starting to read.  I love to hear the sounds as they try and read in the classroom and encourage them to point to the letters and sound out words that they don't know.  They have grown so much already this year and I am super proud of their accomplishments!

I am so thankful for your children and to be a part of HPPDS. 

May you have a blessed Thanksgiving!

Michelle Rickman


Snack helpers:

Nov 5 - Slaughter

Nov 12 - Walsh

Nov 26  - Arnold


Please return sight words and red folders each Monday.  Please practice sight words several times each weekend.  

No peanut butter sandwiches are allowed for lunch at school.

Upcoming events:

Nov 5 - Hearing / vision screening

Nov 8 - Open House 5:30-6:30

Nov 5-9 - Book fair

Nov 19-23 - Thanksgiving holiday

Nov 28 - Conferences / Kindergarten has school

Secret Readers:

The kids loved our surprise mystery reader last week and can't wait to see who is next!  Sssshhhhhh!!!

Nov 9 - Frutkin

Nov 30 - Hall