Hello Parents! 

Is it March already???  We can't believe it, but are ready for warmer weather and sunny springtime!  

This month our unit of study will be Texas.  We will be learning about the state flower and other Texas symbols, sharing things we love about our great state, and learning about the Texas flag and what the colors represent.  

We are looking forward to our western themed Dad's night to show off all we have learned this month.


Does your child have spring fever?  Here are some tips to help beat it....

1. Remember bed time is still important even though the sun is staying up longer.  Kindergartners need 11-12 hours of sleep each night and it is recommended for them to go to bed before 8:00.

2.  Keep routines as home....like still practicing readers and sight words each night.  

3.  Get in some physical activity.  Enjoy this spring weather and go on a walk or bike ride or turn on some fun music and have a dance party.  Your child works hard during the school day and extra physical activity helps get out those wiggles. 

Hope these tips help your little one beat their spring fever!



Michelle Rickman



Snack helpers:

Mar 4 - Walsh

Mar 18 - Arnold

Mar 25 - Bowen

Upcoming events:

Mar 11 - 15 - no school - Spring Break

Mar 19 - Spirit Day

Mar 20 - Book character day

Mar 25 - 29 - Spring book fair

Mar 28 - Dad's Night 5:30-6:30pm

Secret Readers:

Mar 1 - Peters

Mar 8 - Arnold

Mar 22 - Moradi

Mar 29 - Dunagan

Hello Parents! 

I can't believe it is already February! We are excited to celebrate our 100th day of school together this month.  We can count to 100 and can skip count by 2s, 5s and 10s.  Have your child skip count with you!

This month we will be studying past and present for our thematic unit and we have some fun Valentine activities in store.   We will be comparing and contrasting what life was like long ago to what life is currently like now.

We have started doing crossword puzzles and the students are LOVING them.  This is a great way to review sight words or learn new words.  They love being detectives and hunting for words they know.  

Thank you to those that are able to help with our upcoming field trip and Valentine party.  We couldn't make these fun events happen without you.


Michelle Rickman



Snack helpers:

Feb. 4 - Peters

Feb 11 - Raynor

Feb 18 - Shannon

Feb 25 - Slaughter

Upcoming events:

Feb 4 - 100th day of school - Dress like a 100 year old

Feb 6 - Field trip to Juliette Fowler

Feb 14 - Valentine Party

Feb 20 - Spirit day

Feb 27 - Parent conferences

Secret Readers:

Feb 1 - Dunagan

Feb 8 - Moradi

Feb 22 - Bowen

Happy 2019!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas break with your family.  I have enjoyed hearing about the fun that everyone had for Christmas and celebrating the New Year.

We are ready for 2nd semester!  The children have grown so much academically, developmentally and socially and Miss Camp and I can see that they are ready to accomplish a lot this year.  

We have been so proud of the new maturity and focus during math and reading.  Have your child show you how to do subtraction and addition problems.  They are all mastering this skill beautifully!!

We are still progressing with our reading skills.  I have been so proud of the growth I have seen and know you have too.  We appreciate all your help at home with our readers and sight words.  We can tell their has been lots of practice!  Continue to let your son/daughter sound out words with you and point out sight words as you see them.  

This month our unit of study is Winter Animals.  We will be learning about different winter animals and their habitats and needs.  Some new vocabulary words are adapt, migrate and hibernate.  

As we begin this new year together, I want to once again thank you for all your support and wish you a blessed 2019!

Michelle Rickman

Snack helpers:

Jan 7 - Hall

Jan 14 - Innamorati

Jan 22 - Laurencio

Jan 28 - Moradi

Upcoming events:

Jan 15 - Spirit dress day

Jan 17 - Chapel - Mrs. Rickman's class

Jan 21 - No school - MLK Day

Jan 25 - Celebrate Miss Camp day! :)

Jan 27 - Miss Camp's birthday 

Secret Readers:

The kids are loving our surprise mystery readers!

Jan 11 - Bowen

Jan 18 - Moradi

Jan 25 - Peters