Toddler Conferences: Wednesday, May 15 & Thursday and May 16- No School for Toddler Classes 

     -   Starting next week please sign up in our classroom for a conference time 

  • If you need childcare during your conference time, you can contact the school office to sign up 

Spirit Day: Tuesday, May 21- Free Dress

Memorial Day Holiday: Monday, May 27- No School

Bubble Bash: Wednesday, May 29 & Thursday, May 30 at 10:30A

  • Wear your swimsuit and provided Bubble Bash T-Shirt to school
  • Everyone is invited to come join us on the playground at 10:30

Summer Break Begins: Thursday, May 30.  Happy Summer 



We are learning all about insects and there three body parts and six legs. We have classroom caterpillars that we are observing and hoping will soon form chrysalis’ and transform into butterflies. 

Godly Play Center: Thank you God for Insects! We are studying the fascinating world of insects by observing real preserved insects in cases. We are using magnifying glasses for up close examination of these insects. 

Sensory Table: The sensory bin is filled with chick peas, artificial insects and bug catching nets to scoop up an name the insects. In the light table we are observing the varying colors and patterns of butterflies with light shining under them. 

Pretend Center: We are cooking in our classroom kitchen inside the giant rainbow tent and we are crawling in and out of our insect house finding hidden insects.

Game Table: We are sorting, counting and matching number bumble bees and different types of insects. We are counting and working on color patterns with Pom Poms to complete the caterpillar puzzle. 

Art Center: This week we used balloons to paint caterpillars, squeezed paint to make symmetrical butterflies and painted caterpillars at the easel. 

We are going to have a fun-filled last month of school together!

Mrs. Glidewell and Mrs. Winters


Easter Parties: Tuesday, April 16 & Wednesday, April 17 at 11:00AM 

Easter Service & Grandfriends Celebration: Thursday, April 18 at 10:30AM

Easter Holiday: Monday, April 22- No School

Spirit Day: Wednesday, April 24- Free Dress


We’ve had a busy month learning about fairy tales, colors of the rainbow and farm animals. 

Godly Play Center: A rainbow is a sign of Gods promise to us ! We had Noah’s Ark filled with animals traveling two by two. 

Sensory Table: In the sensory bin we used watercolors to paint our own rainbows. At the light table we were filling miniature treasures chests with sequins and gold coins. 

Pretend Center: We were role playing in the Three Little Pigs Houses made of sticks, straw and bricks. We also cooked in our classroom kitchen inside the giant rainbow tent. In addition, we pretended to be farmers inside our class Red Barn. 

Game Table: We sorted and match colors of the rainbow and farm animals. We sequenced fairy tale stories. 

Art Center: During our units we painted watercolor rainbows, pink pigs and made gifts for our Dads. 

We enjoyed seeing so many of you at Dads Night and look forward to a fun filled spring!

Mrs. Glidewell and Mrs. Winters


Spring Break: March 11-15- No School

Spirit Day: Tuesday, March 19th- Free Dress

Book Fair: March 25-29

Dad’s Night: March 28th from 5:30-6:30


Godly Play Center: Count Your Blessings! We’ve been learning about transportation and have been sequencing numbers on our number trains.

Sensory Table: We were scooping and pouring sand and driving a variety of vehicles through the sand. At the Light Table we were driving translucent cars around the track and playing red light, green light.

Pretend Center: We were working together to drive our class fire engine while we strengthened our social and emotional skills. We enjoyed role playing wearing our uniforms and using our fire hoses and walkie talkies.

Game Table: We solved transportation puzzles, matched vehicles, built magnetic vehicles and created a boat using colored pegs.

Art Center: During our transportation unit we created our own firetrucks, used car wheels to paint tire tracks and painted wooden airplanes.

We are looking forward to learning all about fairy tales and the colors of the rainbow in March!

Mrs. Glidewell and Mrs. Winters