Snack Families


March 4th- 6th   Burton Family

March18th-20 Callison Family

March 25th – 27th Compton Family


March 5th -7th Hooper Family

March 19th- 21st   Hunt Family 

 March 26th -28th Laughlin 


Coming Up

Spring Break 03/11 -03/15

March 25-29 Spring Book Fair

March 27 Book Character Day

March 28 Dad’s Night 5:30-6:30


Spirit Day is on Tuesday, March 19th.  No Uniforms required that day. Just show off your school spirit with your own red, white and navy!

As we have noted before, please label coats, jackets, and hats with your child's name!


Curriculum Highlights

February was a fabulous month!

We have been focusing on families, kindness and love. Thank you all for sending family pictures; it's all hanging in our walls. Our explorers love showing their friends the picture of their family. 

The last week of February was all about architecture: we created blueprints, observed the architecture around us, learned about building materials and tools; we wanted the children to use all this knowledge they had. We hope our children understand the concept of what a model is and why they are important tools for architects. We also wanted the class to take on the role of the architects to see how they can use their own ideas to create something. They should also be able to compare the things they were putting in their model to real life. For example, if they added cardboard to the top of their shoe box it could represent a roof or if they cut a hole in the side it may be a door. The sky was the limit. 

Children were given a lot of space and a range of materials to work with, which allowed them all to work on a project at the same time but at their own pace. 

This lesson was a great way to have the class express themselves in a creative way without restrictions. 

And many thanks for our volunteer moms who conducted the best Valentine party. We are so blessed having parents like you!

In the month of March we are going to learn about Farm animals. It is going to be lots of discoveries and science exploration for our explorers. 

Thank you again for your support of Mrs.George during this difficult time for she and her family.


Anna and Sarah




“These commandments that I give you today are to be on your hearts. Impress them on your children. Talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up”~ Deuteronomy 6:6-7 





February 4th- 6th Pendleton Family

February 11th-13th    Pogoloff Family

February   18th -20th  Shankle Family 

February 25th- 27th Adendorff Family


February 5th -7th Allen Family

February 12th -14th Atkinson Family

February   19th- 21st Barnes Family 

 February  26th -28th  Graham 


Explorer Birthdays   

Ford 2/26


Valentine Class Parties

2/13 - M/W Classes

2/14 – T/Th   Classes 


Our Valentines Day Party will be held in our classroom at the end of the school day at 11:00-11:30 am. Please do not include candy with Valentines!

Spirit Day is Tuesday, February 20.  No Uniforms required that day. Show your school spirit with your own red, white and navy!

As we have noted before, please label coats, jackets, and hats with your child's name! 


Curriculum Highlights

February is the month of love, kindness, empathy, caring, and courage: what better way to explore these virtues than through starting with our own families. This is where we need your beautiful family photos to turn our classroom into a student family nook during our morning circle time. We will also be carrying on with the theme of transportation, building bridges, roads and cities.

School Home Connection 

Here’s a fun way that you - our dear parents - can take part in some of our theme development at home. Place the “My Kindness Chart” each student will take home on your refrigerator and each time you observe your child demonstrating an act of kindness write it down on that day. Shower your child with words of praise, a hug and celebration by posting their kind act on their chart: this is one of the ways in which positive reinforcement will become tangible for them, while contributing to the understanding of the concepts we are covering this month. At the end of the month, we will ask to send the chart to school with your child. During our morning meeting, we will share each child’s home chart with the group and post it next to our Kindness Tree. 

We will continue to work on our social and emotional skills, creative expression skills, language, and literacy skills and fine motor skills continuing to challenge our explores. 

Finally, what a wonderful month was January! Kids enjoyed learning about the North Pole, its fauna, the animals who love living in the Arctic and who are very much into hibernating. Counting with beads, blocks, water pouring and so many activities were all big hits in our classroom, but of course, one of the high points, quite obviously perhaps, was making snow slime!

Our Beautiful flower Narcissus has blossomed and the kids were enjoying watering, measuring the height and smelling the flower.  


Thank you,

Anna and Sarah

“It was You who set all the boundaries of the earth; You made both summer and winter.” ~Psalm 74:17

Happy New Year to all our wonderful Families!





January 14th  & 16th Konker  Family

January 21st   & 23rd McCollum Family

January 28th  &30th Mullen Family


January   15th & 17th – Lewis Family

January 22nd  & 24th – Obenhaus   Family

January 29th & 31st Alexander Family


Explorer Birthdays  

1/12 Kennedy

1/14 Halston and London Grace

1/16 Charlie

1/18 May

Student Holiday is Monday, January 21st. No School.

Spirit Day is Tuesday, January 15.  No Uniforms required that day.  Just show off your school spirit with your own red, white and navy!

As we have noted before, please label coats, jackets, and hats with your child's name! 


Curriculum Highlights

As we've jumped into exploring winter, the first week of January will cover the Arctic, North Pole, its flora and fauna, scientific explorations in the regions most known for their winters and pretty much everything related to snow and ice. We can't wait to have our polar animals and arctic ice sensory play, experimenting with frozen dough, salt, and ice. 

Beginning number and letter recognition will require your valuable input to reinforce what we learn together at school. Children extrapolate what we cover in class outside the school with family by doing things such as reading simple signs, counting acorns and leaves, or reading and discussing books. Activities like these will strengthen the explorers' understanding and make them even more curious and confident learners. 

Through January we will be getting ready for our February online auction project, that will teach the kids to collaborate while exuding their individual approaches to the art project each in their most unique way.

Finally, what a wonderful month was December! We are so thankful to all of you for your support through the merriest of seasons. Our small concert was a memorable pinnacle for first-time performers enabled by the talented Mrs. Manders.

A great big  "Thank You" to all of the parents who planned and prepared the party. Mrs. George and I will never be able to thank you all enough for the generous gift the classes gave us! What a surprise!! 

Thank you!

Mrs. K and Mrs. George