“It was You who set all the boundaries of the earth; You made both summer and winter.” ~Psalm 74:17

Happy New Year to all our wonderful Families!





January 14th  & 16th Konker  Family

January 21st   & 23rd McCollum Family

January 28th  &30th Mullen Family


January   15th & 17th – Lewis Family

January 22nd  & 24th – Obenhaus   Family

January 29th & 31st Alexander Family


Explorer Birthdays  

1/12 Kennedy

1/14 Halston and London Grace

1/16 Charlie

1/18 May

Student Holiday is Monday, January 21st. No School.

Spirit Day is Tuesday, January 15.  No Uniforms required that day.  Just show off your school spirit with your own red, white and navy!

As we have noted before, please label coats, jackets, and hats with your child's name! 


Curriculum Highlights

As we've jumped into exploring winter, the first week of January will cover the Arctic, North Pole, its flora and fauna, scientific explorations in the regions most known for their winters and pretty much everything related to snow and ice. We can't wait to have our polar animals and arctic ice sensory play, experimenting with frozen dough, salt, and ice. 

Beginning number and letter recognition will require your valuable input to reinforce what we learn together at school. Children extrapolate what we cover in class outside the school with family by doing things such as reading simple signs, counting acorns and leaves, or reading and discussing books. Activities like these will strengthen the explorers' understanding and make them even more curious and confident learners. 

Through January we will be getting ready for our February online auction project, that will teach the kids to collaborate while exuding their individual approaches to the art project each in their most unique way.

Finally, what a wonderful month was December! We are so thankful to all of you for your support through the merriest of seasons. Our small concert was a memorable pinnacle for first-time performers enabled by the talented Mrs. Manders.

A great big  "Thank You" to all of the parents who planned and prepared the party. Mrs. George and I will never be able to thank you all enough for the generous gift the classes gave us! What a surprise!! 

Thank you!

Mrs. K and Mrs. George

"For God so loved the world, that He gave His only Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life." John 3:16



Snack Families

December 3:  Callison / Graham

December 10: Compton / Hooper

December 17: Gregg / Hunt

January 7:  Huffstutter / Laughlin

No birthdays in December but we have several in January!  1/12 Kennedy, 1/14 Halston and London Grace, 1/16 Charlie, 1/18 May

Spirit Day is Wednesday December 12th.  No Uniforms required that day.  Just show off your school spirit with your own red, white and navy!

*****Christmas Program and Class Parties for Toddlers+*****

Tuesday December 18 and Wednesday December 19 we will host a precious toddler program here at school in the Bell Center starting at 11:00.  Come early to secure parking/seating and get ready for your hearts to melt while we enjoy a brief presentation of our toddlers singing Christmas songs.  THEN we will go to our classroom and have a party.  What a wonderful way to celebrate together before the winter break.  Children wear their holiday best on party days.

Thursday December 20 is the last day of school before the long break and students will wear their school uniforms.  There is a chapel celebration in the sanctuary that starts at 11:00  Parents are welcome to come take their toddlers to this service or leave them in our care until the normal pick up time at 11:30.  If you have a student in Pre-K 3, Pre-K 4 or Kindergarden, those students will be presenting their Christmas program during the service. 

November was a month filled with thankfulness. We have had the best time cooking and tasting in our classroom and now we will continue exploring new tastes as we move into the month of December.  There are so many wonderful memories that are permanently cemented through taste and smell.  What do you think of when you smell bread baking?  I remember Baird's bakery on Mockingbird and how our whole family would roll down the car windows just to smell deeply every time we drove by. We hope you will make memories for your toddler at home with all the holiday smells.

Thank you for bringing boxes to school for our students to play with and use their best engineering skills to move them around and create special dramatic play scenarios.  We will be diving deep into the true meaning of Christmas through stories, songs, and touchable manger scenes this unit and also have fun playing with wrapping paper and ribbons. 

Parent / Teacher conferences were such a blessing and we thank you for making time to come meet with us.  Anna and I are so fortunate to get to know you better and learn more about your delicious children. We look forward to their growth and development that is to come with each passing day!


"I thank my God every time I remember you." Philippians 1:3


Please label all items that come to school.  All clothing items need to be labeled, even if it is with a piece of tape inside the collar.  We want to be sure your personal belongings get back into the correct back pack at the end of each day.

Snack families for M/W and T/TH

11/5  Shankle / Allen

11/12  Adendorf / Atkinson

11/19 ***** Closed for Thanksgiving week*****

11/26  Burton / Barnes (conference week)

12/3  Callison / Graham

Birthdays:  Eve 11/6 and Princeton 11/22

Spirit Day Tuesday 11/6.  Children may wear their favorite school colors and show off their school pride.  Leave the uniforms at home for this fun opportunity.

Book Fair is the entire week of 11/5.  Please visit the Wight Garden to see all the wonderful books for sale after drop off or pick up.

Open House is Thursday 11/8 from 5:30-6:30.  Please bring your children and let them take you on a tour of their school to visit their home room teachers and then head out on a scavenger hunt to find their Specials teachers.  Be prepared to go upstairs!  The children created a unique piece of art that will be framed and ready for sale, in addition to the book fair, that evening in the Wight Garden.

Thanksgiving Friendship Snack will take place on Wednesday 11/14 and Thursday 11/15 on the playground with all three Explorer age classes.  This is a charming tradition that allows the children to bring a small snack to school to contribute to a large friendship bowl, where it all gets mixed together and served in cups. Think of it as Pilgrim trail mix! Everyone enjoys this special time together celebrating and eating a meal al fresco. 

*****School is closed the entire week of Thanksgiving*****

Parent Teacher conferences take place on Wednesday 11/28 and Thursday 11/29.  Sign up sheets with times will be posted outside our classroom.  Students will not come to school on these days so please make alternate plans for their day.  We will offer drop in child care for the time you are in your conference if you need to bring your child with you.  Please contact Claudia Hinton in the Day School office to let her know if you are planning to use this temporary child care.

Our Unit of Learning:  Fall and all it's beauty

The month of October was awash with colors, smells, tastes, costumes and rain! What an amazing time your children have had developing new skills in dramatic play, music, art, Spanish and worship.  Our focus this month has been on enjoying nature and the change of seasons as we noticed the different colors of leaves.They played with acorns, pine cones, and sticks in the sensory bin.  They scooped soil, and measured water into cups as they learned to steady their hands to pour carefully.  This activity is terrific for emerging math skills. They also painted pumpkins and gourds and practiced new words for literacy enhancement. We cut open one very large pumpkin and allowed them to pull out the seeds and the pulp.  There was a beautiful Monarch butterfly that emerged from a chrysalis one day when no one was looking, to our very great surprise, and the children enjoyed taking it out to the garden to set it free. 

Coming up next:

November is the month of Thanksgiving.  We will be focusing on cooking and tasting new foods as we explore foods from different cultures. Our dramatic center will allow for them to role play cooking and serving to their dolls and perhaps each other!

At home:

Talk with your child about apples and apple pie.  How did it taste, smell?  Was it hot?  What did you do to make it cool enough to eat?  Ask them about mixing flour and water and spices to make play dough.  How did it feel on their hands and fingers?  Was if fun?