“I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” John 16:4 



Aloha Parent Party - 5/2
Mai Tais, mingling, and merriment! You also don’t want to miss the Spirit Shop Raffle! The Aloha party is next Thursday, May 2nd. Please RSVP on Paperless Post. If you did not receive an invitation, please contact Jessica Dale at jessicadale504@gmail.com

Dad's Lunch in the Park - 5/11
Bring your kiddos, pack a picnic and join other HPPDS Dads for a casual lunch at Caruth Park on Saturday, May 11th from 11am-1pm.



May 6th – 8th   Pendleton Family

May 13th0 15th   Pogoloff  Family

May 20th-22rd   Adendorff  Family

May 27th-29th   Burton Family 


May 7th - 9th   Barnes Family 

May 14th -16th   Graham Family

May 21st - 23rd   Hooper Family 

May 28th- 30th    Hunt  Family 


Grace May 1 

Janie May 8 

Ben May 28 



The Explorers had a fabulous month with Easter Worship and Grandfriends Day Celebration. It was so precious to have Grandparents visit our classroom, and watch our explorers show their favorite activities, their favorite corners where they play, and introduce their friends. What a wonderful day we had all together. 

We started learning in April about bugs and insects. We have been talking and learning that an insect is an animal that has three main body parts, two compound eyes, two antennae, and six jointed legs. We are so exited to see the world of insects is so exiting for our explorers. In addition we learned about metamorphosis, and made a representation of a butterfly's life cycle. 

Bugs are fascinating creatures to study!

We did fabulous watercolor art project about the book “ The very hungry Caterpillar”. 

Parents, you can encourage your kiddos to search for insects in the house, or outside when out and about with the family. Ask them to collect some in a plastic container to share with the class, or draw a picture. Our explorers can bring in ladybugs, ants, pill bugs, and even cockroaches! 

The Easter theme was fun and filled with lots of learning objectives as well. Color Recognition, counting, learning patterns, and letters connected with the theme. We played games such as hiding letters and numbers inside of the plastic eggs, and kids would open them and guess the letters. 

We finished the theme while learning about gardening. We have been learning about the life cycle of plants. We improved our vocabulary by learning new words such as leaf, stems, soil, pots, seeds, flowers, buds, watering can, petals, roots, green, rocks etc. 

Parents, ask your children if they know how to take care of a plant so it will grow to be healthy. We have been learning about this in our class! 

It has been a blessing this year working with these explorers, one more month ahead for this fabulous opportunity of teaching our sweet explorers. We will dive into Summer fun activities to explore the Ocean, Beach, Water Animals and more fun!

With Love,

Mrs. Anna and Mr. Robert


Easter Service & Grandfriends Celebration

Thursday April 18th

·  10:30-11:00 ~ Easter Service in Sanctuary led by PK3, PK4 & Kinder

·  11:00-11:45 ~ Classroom visits with Grandfriends

·  11:30-11:45am ~ Students released from classrooms

Valet will open at 9:30am at the Sanctuary & Circle Drive. Coffee, cold beverages, and breakfast bites will be available in the Parlor & Wight Garden beginning at 9:30am. Classroom visits are for the Grandfriends only, but parents and siblings are invited to fellowship together in either reception area. There will be no carpool pick-up. We will have 2 roaming photographers available to take family photos as keepsakes! Please remember to bring your security badges!




April 1st -3rd    Gregg Family

April 8th-10th  Huffstutter Family

April 15th-17th  Konker  Family

April 22nd- 24th  McCollum

April 29th -1st    Mullen Family


April 2nd – 4th   Lewis Family

April 9th -11th   Obenhaus Family

April 16th-18th  Alexander Family

April 23rd-25th  Allen Family

April 30th- 2nd  Atkinson Family




Charles April 1

Elli April 15


Today I’d like to start our newsletter with a few words of gratitude to our wonderful parents who took the time to record and send their stories. It is simply impossible to put into words how children reacted when hearing their parents reading a book. What a great way for us to connect. Thank you all!


Our Learning 

Natural material play took an important part in our classroom. When children learn in the context of nature, in organic moments of wonder and discovery, knowledge takes the form of lifelong memories.

Let’s start with our fairy tales unit: we had gnomes, fairies, fairy dough, wood houses, you name it. Children were making natural fairy dough with flower petals or herbs from  and adding natural scented glitter onto it.  We offer them open-ended materials to see what their creative minds do with them.  We added scarves and fabrics in varying shapes for dramatic play and loved to observe how these materials transformed. The Fairy unit was a great transition to Rainbow theme, where kids learned about colors and that a rainbow is an arc of color in the sky and can be seen when the sun shines through falling rain.

March was also filled with matching letters with wood cookies or clothespins, tracing letters in sand, and learning the first letters of our names. We will be offering variety of ways for children to interact with the same information. Number recognition, number formation and fine motor development will be the main focus until the end of the year. 

We are correctly undertaking a project across “Multiples Ways of Seeing, Multiple ways of being," and as an element of this project we are exploring the language of clay. Ask your child about a wooden model we have in our classroom. 

Finally, the kids had so much fun learning about farm animals. 

A big shout-out to all dads for coming to our WILD WEST DAD's night. 

Yay, it is April! Not only is it finally starting to feel like spring, but Easter is ahead of us.  We will be diving into learning about insects, butterflies, caterpillars and gardening.

With Love, 

Ms. K and Mr. Shaida



Snack Families


March 4th- 6th   Burton Family

March18th-20 Callison Family

March 25th – 27th Compton Family


March 5th -7th Hooper Family

March 19th- 21st   Hunt Family 

 March 26th -28th Laughlin 


Coming Up

Spring Break 03/11 -03/15

March 25-29 Spring Book Fair

March 27 Book Character Day

March 28 Dad’s Night 5:30-6:30


Spirit Day is on Tuesday, March 19th.  No Uniforms required that day. Just show off your school spirit with your own red, white and navy!

As we have noted before, please label coats, jackets, and hats with your child's name!


Curriculum Highlights

February was a fabulous month!

We have been focusing on families, kindness and love. Thank you all for sending family pictures; it's all hanging in our walls. Our explorers love showing their friends the picture of their family. 

The last week of February was all about architecture: we created blueprints, observed the architecture around us, learned about building materials and tools; we wanted the children to use all this knowledge they had. We hope our children understand the concept of what a model is and why they are important tools for architects. We also wanted the class to take on the role of the architects to see how they can use their own ideas to create something. They should also be able to compare the things they were putting in their model to real life. For example, if they added cardboard to the top of their shoe box it could represent a roof or if they cut a hole in the side it may be a door. The sky was the limit. 

Children were given a lot of space and a range of materials to work with, which allowed them all to work on a project at the same time but at their own pace. 

This lesson was a great way to have the class express themselves in a creative way without restrictions. 

And many thanks for our volunteer moms who conducted the best Valentine party. We are so blessed having parents like you!

In the month of March we are going to learn about Farm animals. It is going to be lots of discoveries and science exploration for our explorers. 

Thank you again for your support of Mrs.George during this difficult time for she and her family.


Anna and Sarah