Motor Lab

motor lab and P.E.

The Motor Lab class helps childen develop gross motor skills including traveling, balancing, and gross-motor manipulation through specific activities planned by our Motor Lab specialist. As children reach 4 years old, skills are expanded include to increasingly complex movements and basic sports. 

Examples of Level One Skills (Ages 1-2):
Traveling: walks, walks backwards, pushes riding toy with feet, marches
Balancing: squats, stands on tiptopes, gets in and out of chair, kneels
Manipulative Skills: carries large ball while moving, flings a beanbag, kicks stationary ball

Examples of Level Two Skills (Ages 2-4):
Traveling: runs, avoids obstacles while moving, alternates feet on stairs, rides tricycle using pedals, gallops
Balancing: walks forward along beam, jumps off low step landing on two feet, jumps over small objects
Manipulative Skills: throws ball, traps thrown ball against body, tosses beanbag into basket

Examples of Level Three Skills (Ages 4-6):
Traveling: runs smoothly and quickly, changes direction, jumps and spins, moves through obstacle course
Balancing: hops on one foot then the other, walks accross beam backwards, attempts to jump rope
Manipulative Skills: catches large ball with both hands, srikes stationary ball, kicks moving ball while running


Our Mission & Philosophy

Highland Park Presbyterian Day School believes that the years of early childhood are the most crucial to the establishment of sound educational practices and biblical values. The school strives to meet the academic, spiritual, emotional, creative, social, and physical needs of the young child through a developmentally appropriate approach to learning. Learn about our mission.