Our Curriculum



Teachers lead students in in-depth studies based on science and social studies topics that incorporate relevant and engaging experiences that support their growth in all developmental and academic areas. Each theme has 4 Big Ideas that help children understand the learning goals and connect what they are learning to their world.

  • Ready for School
  • My Family
  • Our Community
  • Awesome Animals
  • Imagine It, Make It
  • Growing Up Healthy
  • Nature All Around Us
  • Moving On

Curriculum Resources

  • Scholastic Big Day for PreK is a comprehensive program that embraces children’s natural curiosity and builds the foundation for success in school and life
  • Handwriting without Tears provides multi-sensory experiences to promote good pre-writing skills and beginning letter formation practice

Classroom Experiences

  • Morning Circle Time: Children experience a sense of belonging, practice communication skills, and are introduced to new concepts and materials
  • Closing Circle Time: Children reflect on day’s events and experience closure
  • Read-Aloud: Children learn about each component of literacy as they listen to and discuss high-interest texts related to units of study
  • Workshops: Development is supported through hands-on exploration of important concepts and skills that are extensions of the theme - Blocks, Dramatic Play, Creativity and Art, Math, Reading and Listening, Science, Technology, Writing
  • Small Groups: Teachers provide lessons to small groups that reinforce essential skills, and reteach or enrich as necessary
  • Snacks and Lunch Time: Children practice self-care routines, help distribute materials and clean up, and enjoy time to socialize
  • Outdoor Play: All areas of development are supported as children engage in explore and play on the playground
  • Specials

PreK4 curriculum includes each of the following once a week: 

  • Spanish – children are exposed to the Spanish language, and build upon their basic Spanish vocabulary
  • Music – children experience the joy of music as they learn the fundamentals of musical literacy
  • Art (full day classes only) – children learn basic art techniques, vocabulary, history, and create process-oriented works
  • STEAM Lab – children experience an integrated approach to science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics learn more
  • P.E. – children practice increasingly complex movements and balancing exercises through organized games and play
  • Godly Play – children learn stories of the Bible through a Montessori-style curriculum and age-appropriate Bibles and storybooks learn more
  • Chapel – Biblical teachings are reinforced by HPPC Pastors on Monday and individual HPPDS classes on Thursdays learn more
  • Library – children visit the library where they engage in the joy of reading through exposure to various texts, dramatic readings and drama by the Librarian learn more
Our Mission & Philosophy

Highland Park Presbyterian Day School believes that the years of early childhood are the most crucial to the establishment of sound educational practices and biblical values. The school strives to meet the academic, spiritual, emotional, creative, social, and physical needs of the young child through a developmentally appropriate approach to learning. Learn about our mission.