The Plaid Starts Here!

HPPDS believes in uniforms for our students in order to:

  • Provide durable, washable outfits that are made for “getting messy” at school
  • Easily identify students in attendance at HPPDS for safety and security

How to Shop

  • Mills Online
  • Mills Retail Location:
  • 13615 Welch Rd., Suite 102, Dallas, TX 75244
    Phone: 972-385-3121
    Store Hours: Tue-Fri 10:00 am-6:00 pm and Sat 10:00 am-4:00 pm
  • HPPDS Spirit Shop on campus
    Open on Parent night and other times during the school year
    Sells gently used uniforms
    Sells new accessories and Spirit items


HPPDS red bags are required for PreK3-Kindergarten. Toddler students may choose to use a red bag or other bag/backpack.


  • Plaid jumpers and skirts are worn with white peter pan blouse or turtleneck. Tops may be purchased through Mills or generic stores.
  • Girls must wear privacy shorts or diaper covers with their jumpers and skirts.
  • Socks and tights may be white or navy.
  • Hair accessories must be Day School colors. Some options are available through Mills and in the Spirit Shop.


  • Plaid bottoms are worn with white or navy tops.
  • Navy bottoms are worn with white or red tops.
  • Boys who wear navy t-shirts must have the HPPDS Logo shirt.
  • Boys may wear Logo collared shirts purchased through Mills, or purchase generic versions.


  • Jumpers, Skirts, Shorts and Pants MUST be purchased through Mills.
  • Shoes may be solid navy, white or black or saddle oxfords. Must be closed toe with rubber bottom (except for early/new walkers – they may wear shoes appropriate for their level of development, but must be closed toe).
  • Jewelry should be simple and minimal or not worn at all.
  • HPPDS logo Spirit T-shirts may be worn on Spirit Day only.

Uniform Components

All items available through Mills.


Navy Logo Polo
White Logo Polo
Red Logo Polo (XXS available)
White Turtleneck
Navy Logo T-shirt (toddler sizes available)

White Peter Pan Blouse (toddler sizes available)
White Turtleneck


Plaid shorts and pants (toddler sizes available)
Navy shorts and pants (toddler sizes available)

Shoulder Button Jumper (toddler sizes available)
Tunic Jumper


Red Logo Sweater Vest
Navy Logo Hoodie (toddler sizes available)
Navy Logo Fleece


Navy Logo Cardigan
Navy Logo Fleece



Privacy Shorts
Diaper Cover (toddler sizes available)