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Take a peek at what it is like to be a part of the HPPDS school family.

From our engaging, whole-child curriculum, to our beautiful, child-friendly chapel services, you'll find there is always something exciting happening on our campus.

School News and Events

Full STEAM Ahead!

I am so excited to be the STEAM teacher this year at HPPDS, and I don’t think I could even dream of a more perfect job, because I am having a blast teaching your children!

Our STEAM classroom is a hands-on classroom, meaning that I like to provide the students with different materials to peek their curiosity, whether it be building materials, rocks, insects, science experiments, bones, bird nests, ocean life, microscopes, sewing table, and yes, even my grandfather’s dentures! I love for them to ask questions, use critical thinking, and problem solve!

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All About Godly Play at the Day School

At HPPDS, we worship and “give God the glory” in various ways: during a Godly Play classroom lesson, Wynne Chapel corporate worship, and the two Family Sanctuary Services at Christmas and Easter. Students are immersed in scripturally-based Bible stories of God’s faithfulness, Jesus’ love for each of us and that Jesus commissioned us to tell others the GOOD NEWS! Read more to learn about these practices and to see our Biblical themes for the year. 

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We Couldn't Do it Without You!

Wow! We are incredibly grateful to everyone who showed up to partner with the Day School on North Texas Giving Day this year.

I want to be sure that you understand the impact of your donations on our school. Your generosity enables the Day School to achieve a level of excellence that creates an incredible environment for children to learn and grow. Please read more for details!

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Spring in Music!

Springtime in music has been bustling with animal activity! Read more to learn why your child may have come home hopping and what they have been learning in the wonderful world of music with Mrs. Manders!

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Why We Love Play

Sometimes preschools that are considered "play-based" are assumed to be non-academic, as though it can only be one or the other. On the contrary, neuroscience research consistently points to play as the best way for a child to develop academic skills. Play in the early childhood years is essential for building healthy brain architecture; it creates the foundation upon which all later learning happens.

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