Specialized Learning

In addition to the balanced classroom curriculum, HPPDS students receive a well-rounded school experience as they learn from from experts in Special subjects. Each Special teacher is well-versed in her subject-area and brings learning to life for our students.



All students in PreK4 and Kindergarten participate in small groups tailored to their developmental level with our Literacy Specialist. These groups focus on targeted, individualized instruction in early literacy skills for all of our emerging readers. Whether they are working on letter identification and sounds, beginning reading strategies, or fluency, all children are challenged appropriately based on their readiness.


The skills that your children need in order to succeed have changed dramatically over the last few decades. STEAM skills (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) have reshaped our potential for creating new things that can improve the quality of human life. Yet few schools teach these skills with a holistic understanding of what critical thinking is or how to foster habits of inquiry and exploration. Our STEAM Lab is provided in partnership with TechEdventures, and is a bold, new effort to help our kids develop this mindset as a part of their formative experiences.

Physical Education

The Motor Lab and PE classes help children develop gross motor skills including traveling, balancing, and gross-motor manipulation through specific activities planned by our Motor Lab specialist, Mrs. Bankhead. Social-emotional skills are developed alongside these activities as children learn to take turns, work as a team, practice new skills and encourage their friends. As children reach four years old, skills are expanded include to increasingly complex movements and basic sports.


HPPDS exposes children to Spanish at the critical time when connections are being formed in their brains. Our goal is for our students to develop a foundation in Spanish that serves as a platform for further learning. Children enjoy Spanish through songs, games and stories with our Spanish teacher. They learn basic vocabulary and conversational language while having fun.


Did you know that children must learn to keep a beat in order to later read fluently? The benefits of interaction with music in early childhood are endless. Our music teacher engages our students in the joy of music through song, dance, play and instruments. They learn musical concepts such as rhythm, tone, and pitch and they learn how to play a variety of simple musical instruments.

Godly Play

Godly Play lessons are experienced as a visual, oral and kinesthetic approach to religious education for children to experience God while learning. Godly Play was founded by Jerome W. Berryman and is based on the recognition that children have an innate sense of the presence of God and by using an imaginative method for presenting scripture stories to children, they have a more authentic experience.


PreK4 and Kindergarten students create one-of-a-kind works using various mediums and techniques such as watercolor, clay and printing. Students explore line, color, form, shape and texture under the expert guidance of our art teacher. Additionally, they are introduced to art history as they study various works from famous artists.


The library at HPPDS is a place where books come to life. Children develop a love for literature through dramatic readings, puppet shows, songs and finger plays. Younger students browse books, older students begin to check them out. Our Librarian teaches children about all kinds of books and how libraries operate. The children love to look for the famous library Shelf Elf at each visit!