Toddler 3 and 4

Our Curriculum

Toddlers 3 and 4
(2-3 years of age)

Thematic Units 

Themes are two to three week studies that allow children to explore and investigate high-interest topics and build conceptual understanding of the world around them.

Curriculum Resource

The Creative Curriculum is an award-winning, research-based program that supports a developmentally-appropriate approach to learning through exploration and discovery.

Classroom Experiences

Hellos and Goodbyes: Teachers help children manage separations and reunions with loved ones as children gain self-confidence and build trust 

Group Time: Children experience a sense of belonging and are introduced to new concepts and materials through stories, fingerplays, songs etc. 

Intentional Teaching: Teachers provide engaging and playful learning experiences that are based on learning objectives in either small groups or one on one.  

Workshops: Development is supported through purposeful play - Blocks, Dramatic Play, Manipulatives/Games, Art, Library, Discovery, Sand and Water

Snack Time: Children practice self-care routines and enjoy a sense of community 

Outdoor Play: All areas of development are supported as children explore and play on the playground. 

Toddler curriculum includes each of the following:

  • Music – children learn to love music and support development in all areas as they sing, dance, and play instruments in the music and movement room
  • Motor Lab – through specific movement activities, children improve large-muscle skills, balance and coordination in the music and movement room
  • Spanish – children will be exposed to the Spanish language each week as they sing songs, read stories and play games related to the classroom theme
  • Library – children visit the Library and are engaged in the joy of reading through exposure to various texts and dramatic readings
  • Godly Play – Bible stories and songs are introduced with hands-on learning experiences the classroom by our Godly Play teacher
Our Mission & Philosophy

Highland Park Presbyterian Day School believes that the years of early childhood are the most crucial to the establishment of sound educational practices and biblical values. The school strives to meet the academic, spiritual, emotional, creative, social, and physical needs of the young child through a developmentally appropriate approach to learning. Learn about our mission.